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Images for the 1st Annual Equi-Con Horse show at Table Mountain Ranch October 30th 2016 are here!

Link to TMR

Images for Colorado Stock Horse September 18th 2016 are here!

Link to CSHA

Images for the 50th Annual Colorado Fall Charity for the benefit of Rocky Mountain Horse Rescue are here for September  8th, 9th, 10th and 11th.

Link to Images

Images Colorado Stock Horse (CSHA) August 21st 2016 are here!

Link to CSHA

Images for Gymkhana August 20th 2016 are here!

Link to Gymkhana

Images for Colorado Pinto Horse (CoPtHA) August 7th 2016 are here!

Link to CoPtHA

Images for the Boulder County Fair - August 2nd Ballet on Horseback are here!

Link to Ballet on Horseback

Images for the ASHLEY DOOLITTLE MEMORIAL Horse Show July 16th 2016 are here!

Link to Ashley Doolittle

Colorado Pinto Horse (CoPtHA) from July 10th 2016 are here

Link to CoPtHA

Hobby Horse Colorado Hunter/Jumper (CHJA) show July 2nd 2016 are here

Link to Hobby Horse CHJA

Gymkhana at Arvada Outdoor Equestrian Center June 18th 2016 images are here!

Link to Gymkhana

Silver Quarter Acres Sunshine Horse Show (SQA) images are here!

Link to SQA Sunshine

TMR Dressage Classes for Sunday June 12th (Almost)

Colorado Pinto (CoPtHA) images for Sunday June 12th 2016 are here!

Link to CoPtHA

Colorado Stock Horse (CSHA) images for Sunday June 5th 2016 are here!

Link to CSHA

Colorado Stock Horse (CSHA) May 15th 2016 are here

Note that all images are as taken at the show without photo retouch. When you buy prints there is an automatic 3 day hold that gives me time to straighten, adjust exposure and de-clutter the image before sending off to the printer. If you wish to download a digital image contact me with the filename of the image. I can then pretty up the image(s) and reload them, and let you know they are there again ready for you to download. 

I do take many images as you know. You may purchase all images of a horse and rider for $50. Images are large enough to print 8x10s. Call me for this deal.

Link to CSHA

Colorado Pinto Horse Winter Series at TMR (CoPtHA) March 20th 2016 are here!

Link to CoPtHA

 MILE HI's Spring Break Extravaganza at Adams Count Fair Grounds March 19th 2016 are here!

Link to MILE HI

Colorado Pinto Horse Winter Series at TMR (CoPtHA) January 31st 2016 images are here!

Link to CoPtHA

Colorado Pinto Horse (CoPtHA) Winter Series November 15th images are here!

Link to CoPtHA at TMR

Photo Shoot south of Imperial Beach at the California Mexico boarder with Xena, Team TDR, SJOERD and Wicked Cool - Coming SOON!

Photo Shoot at the Vineyards in Temecula Valley with Xena and Anaiah and SJOERD - Coming SOON!

Client Images from the Friesian IFSHA show in Burbank CA September 30th through October 4th

Note that AVALON is the contract event photographer. Please see their website for Event Pictures

These are candid pictures of show participants, handlers and helpers in warm-up areas and at the stables. Client names are for exclusive galleries as friends of Xena Vimercati for whom I am photographing for.

Link to IFSHA Clients

Xena Vimercati on SJOERD in warm-up arena

Friesian Heritage Horse & Sporthorse FEIT inspection conformation (PLUS) images at the IFSHA show in Burbank CA are ready - Click on green LINK below. 

Link to FEIT

Colorado Stock Horse (CSHA) for September 20th are Ready!

Link to CSHA

The 2015 Fall Charity images for September 11th, 12th and 13th are available!

Please register so that you may collect images to your own private gallery. You can then take advantage of the $100 per horse/rider all images download special if you choose. Other per image prints and downloads are still available.

Register -> Link to CFCHS

Colorado Pinto Horse (CoPtHA) images for September 6th 2015 are Ready!

Link to CoPtHA

Last Chance Dressage at Table Mountain Ranch September 6th 2015

Co-photographed with Elizabeth Lord

Link to TMR

Continental Divide Images for August 28th, 29th and 30th ARE here!

Link to 2015 CDHS

Colorado Stock Horse (CSHA) images for Sunday August 16th are here!

Link to CSHA

Boulder County Fair - "Ballet on Horseback" images  for August 4th 2015 - are ready!!

Link to Boulder County Fair

Colorado Pinto Horse (CoPtHA) Images for August 2nd Are here!

Link to CoPTHA

A Rising Star Horse Show Images for Sunday July 26th are here!

Link to ARS

Colorado Pinto Horse (CoPtHA) Fun Day July5th 2015 images are here

Link to CoPtHA

Colorado Stock Horse (CSHA) images for Sunday June 21st are HERE!

Link to CSHA

Lakewood Riding Club Horse Desensitizing Clinic - Images are ready

Link to LRC

A Rising Star Show images are ready from Sunday May 31st

ARS Link

Colorado Stock Horse (CSHA) images for Sunday May 17th are HERE!

Link to CSHA

Gymkhana at Arvada Equestrian May 16th images are HERE!

I showed up later in the afternoon but any piece of Gymkhana action is fun to shoot :) 

Link to Gymkhana

Colorado Pinto Horse (CoPtHA) images for Sunday May 3rd are HERE!

Link to CoPtHA

Colorado Hunter Jumper Association (CHJA) @ TMR April 11th and 12th 2015 - Ready for you!

Note that this site will suggest that you register. This allows you to collect images to a gallery private to you so that you may return any time and add/delete/buy etc. Collecting also helps me offer discount for multiple images of the same horse and rider for the entire show both days. REMEMBER TO USE THE LINK SENT TO YOU EACH TIME YOU RETURN to keep your same galley.

So Collect and Call/Email me for savings,

Thank You

Link to CHJA

Colorado Driving Society Annual Easter Egg Hunt April 4th 2015 images are here

Link to CDS hunt

Colorado Pinto Horse @ TMR March 8th 2015 Pictures are ready

Link to TMR

Colorado Pinto Horse @ Table Mountain Ranch February 8th 2015 are ready

Link to CoPtHA at TMR

Images for Colorado Pinto Horse @ TMR December 14th 2014 are here

Link to CoPtHA @ TMR

Colorado Pinto Horse @ TMR November 9 2014 pictures are here

Link to CoPtHA and TMR

Dressage Class Pictures at Triple Creek Ranch November 1st are ready

Link to TCR

A Rising Star Equestrian Horse Show (w/Costumes) on October 26th are here

Link to ARS images

Horsecapades Westernaires Annual Show October 25, 2014

Link to Westernaires

Colorado Pinto Horse Association @TMR, Winter Series pictures are here

Link to CoPtHA at TMR

Colorado Stock Horse Association October 5th Horse Show Pictures are here

Link to CSHA

Double Point Colorado Stock Horse Association and Colorado Pinto Horse Association Horse show pictures for September 21st 2014 Arvada Equestrian Center. 

Link to CSHA / CoPtHA

Evergreen Ranch Sorting Association (ERSA) Buckle Sorting September 7, 2014 in Pine, Colorado

Link to Ranch Sorting

COLORADO DRAFT HORSE CLASSIC show images for August 4th and 5th at the Boulder County Fair Grounds

Link to CoDHC

Colorado Pinto Horse Association July 27th Show images

Link to CoPtHA

Ranch Sorting Images from July 26th up in Pine Junction

Link to Ranch Sorting

Colorado Stock Horse July 20th Show images

Link to CSHA

Colorado Pinto Horse Association June 29th Show images

Link to CoPtHA

Barn Dance at the Horse Protection League  in Golden Colorado

Link to HPL

Gymkhana at the Arvada Equestrian Center June 21st

  Link to Gymkhana June 21st

Colorado Stock Horse Association Open Horse Show pictures  are here:

Link to CSHA June 15th 2014

A Rising Star Equestrian Center show pictures for May 18th -

Link to A Rising Star May18th Pictures

Colorado Driving Society  annual Carriage Driving Easter Egg Hunt April 12th:

Link to Colorado Driving Society April12th 2014


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Richard and JoAnn Gill

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